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It looks to me that they kind of paired off the "siblings" in that photo shoot. Tyreese and Sasha are actual siblings, Rick and Daryl are like brothers, and then Daryl and Carol are close friends. Also, who else would they even pair Carol up with anyway? Daryl seems to be like her only /close/ friend. How many times has Carol and Glenn hung out together? Or Carol and Michonne? Or Maggie? Lol what if she was in a picture with Rick? So I really never care if Daryl and Carol are in a pic together.

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I got this image of Carol and Glenn being left alone and they’re just standing there and there is this awkward tension and Carol’s kinda ignoring Glenn and Glenn keeps trying to think of something to say and he opens his mouth but closes it right after and then it cuts away.

That being said, it’s really true! Rick and Daryl are like the only people she ever interacts with tbh… That’s odd and interesting. I really want to see her branch out and try to make some friends come ASZ though… That’ll be nice.

And yes! Very sibling vibe coming off them all. Of Glenn and Maggie were there then I’d say no, but they are not. Nor are any of the canon or soon to be canon couples… Tells you a lot ya know?

When we were shooting this last episode, Andy and I were looking at each other through a fence. We didn’t consider it a scene until we were shooting it and we realized it was going to be the last time that Rick and Lori Grimes are ever together. And we both just lost it. We finished the scene and we walked towards each other, met in the middle of the field and just stood there weeping for a little bit.

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